BBQ Addicts Blog unveils world’s most perfect food.

There’s a porkstravaganza over at the BBQ Addicts blog: barbecued bacon bits wrapped in pork sausage and basket-woven bacon, then smothered in sweet sauce and grilled.

These men should be sainted, knighted and given their own char-grilled holiday.


Risque Cafe, Chicago

Service can be slow, since they share a chef with the pizza parlor next door (overextended, much?) and they seem to have trouble keeping their menu items in stock, but. But.

The serve country-fri

Skip the crudites.

If you really care about your guests’ happiness, you’ll serve this Pecan Sugared Bacon featured in September’s Southern Living.

Because good food isn’t just duck fat and pork belly.

Sometimes you can’t afford the fresh ahi, can’t find the right tahini, don’t have time to roast the bones. Great food isn’t just about the scarcest, trendiest, hardest-to-produce, presented with basil ribbons and paired with sancerre.


Sometimes, it’s as simple as bacon and sidecars.